Saturday, 2 November 2013

HECS style debt for TAFE students a reality today

A year ago it was a headlining question for the Illawarra Mercury.
Mr Piccoli was quoted as saying student loans "similar to those offered to university students" would be available for approved government-subsidised diploma and advanced-diploma qualifications. 
Kate Morris from Save TAFE Illawarra pointed out that TAFE did cater for a different demographic who may be reticent to take on such debt.  She went on to say:
"Under the VET [Vocational Education and Training] Fee-Help student loan scheme, TAFE students will end up with massive debts," she said.
Terry Keeley, TAFE organiser for NSWTF in Illawarra, suggested the proposed reforms would exacerbate the "horrendous fee hikes" for courses: "In some diploma courses there will be a 300 to 500 per cent increase in fees," he said.
Rob Long another NSWTF TAFE organiser also expressed criticism of "shifting the cost for the future needs of skills in Australia from Government to students.
While the implementation of Smart and Skilled with its entitlements has been delayed and the IPART pricing not released, students may have a short reprieve. 

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